Tuesday, 5 August 2014

DIY Crayon Lipstick Tutorial

From Crayola to Colourful Lipsticks in just a few steps, click read more to find out how!

Hello dears! So I've spent my evening making DIY lipsticks using only two ingredients; Wax Crayons & Virgin Coconut Oil. 

It's a DIY I've been wanting to try out for a while so I thought I'd share my results! I'm not too sure where the original tutorial came from, it seems to be floating around YouTube a lot lately but whoever came up with this idea is an absolute babe! I'm forever wanting to try crazy colour lips but knowing I'd never really wear them often puts me off the idea of spending lots of money on a wacky coloured lipstick so this is a great idea to try out new colours!

Saucepan, glass, scissors, teaspoon, virgin coconut oil, crayons & a pot of some kind. (I couldn't find any pots so I used a paint mixing tray haha!)

First boil water in the saucepan on a low heat. 

Put the glass inside the water but leave the glass empty (make sure the water is not overflowing into the glass).
Keep the water boiling low throughout all steps.

Now pick your favourite crayons, you can mix colours together or use white & black to change shades!

Now, scoop half a teaspoon of coconut oil and put this inside the glass in the pan.

Cut about an inch of the crayon you would like to use and pop it in the glass to melt together with the coconut oil.

You can use more crayon if you would like a bright lipstick or more oil if you would like more of a sheen.

These colours make a lovely natural brown!

Once these have melted, carefully remove the glass and pour/scoop the contents out into your pot then leave to cool and tada, your lipstick is finished! 

I hope you come up with some awesome shades! Please share your results :)


  1. Replies
    1. My hands have had a little pamper from the coconut oil steam rising too haha! bonus! :) xx

  2. I never imagine that, LOL it's a good idea when I don't have money haha!! Good tip! :)