Friday, 2 January 2015

Limnit Lipsticks Mini Jars Review

As a matte lipstick fanatic, I am always excited to try new brands and I recently came across Limnit on Etsy and I just had to share with everybody! 

(Lipstick shade worn: Goodness Graycious)

I bought a few of the mini-jars to try and for a mini, they are very generous in size. I applied these with a lip brush and the colours were so pigmented you didn't need much at all! Delivery came pretty quick too even though they were coming from the US and I live in the UK. Packaging was cute and the little lip printed card had a handwritten thank you note which I thought was a lovely little touch. These lip pots are only £3.07 each so my inner bargain huntress was jumping with joy! 

Here are the colours I bought:

Racin' Carnation 
Goodness Graycious
Deepest Taupes and Dreams

What do you guys think? Any other brands you would recommend for matte lipsticks?

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